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Tastewise identifies emerging trends and understands the motivations behind consumer preferences. Using its powerful AI engine, Tastewise has fused real-time F&B data to the functions that interest consumers (weight loss, gut health, sleep, etc.), identifying growth and opportunity for each specific function.

Putting Food to Work in the Age of Wellness 2019, highlights the functions that excite today's consumers, and reveals the food and ingredients that are meeting their needs. 

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The Food for Function Report not only identifies which items are trending  ...more importantly, it explains why 

About Tastewise

Tastewise brings the power of data to the art of food and beverage intelligence. Our AI-powered platform analyzes billions of food data points - including social, menus, and home recipes - to provide real-time insights for hospitality and food brands.

Tastewise empowers leading food brands by providing them with data for business critical decisions - from product development to marketing strategy.


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